Sir Arthur Cheesecake




Sir Arthur Cheesecake is a dragking persona in which I have made comedy videos on Tik-Tok. Part of the work is to give a drag reading in the walk-in, sculptural object made of metal as Sir Arthur Cheesecake. I read from the book: queer striped. In it, the letters of LGBTIQA+ are explained.
The sculptural object, is a metal frame welded by me. In its design, I was inspired by climbing frames on playgrounds and fitness equipment.
There is also a video element, in the work. In which you can see the Tiktok videos that I recorded as Sir Arthur Cheesecake. The video is played on an LED TV. The screen lies within the metal sculpture on the floor. The work thematically deals with the shift to the right in the western world.
In Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis has passed over 80 laws against queer people this year. Gays, lesbians, trans people, drag kings and queens fear for their freedom. Meanwhile, the CSU in Bavaria wants to ban drag readings for children. Many AFD and CSU politicians* have spoken positively about DeSantis and take him as a role model.
Sir Arthur Cheesecake, stands for the fact that humans may live and love, whom they want and how they want.


Xi - 1000y - Q


xi foto 1

300 Years in the Future.... "I can't live in a world where I don't have oxygen. 2312, man has learned to get along with less. He had to, because the world has changed. Our ancestors made sure that the oxygen content in the air, was minimal, so minimal that we needed help. Help to breathe, to live, to exist. I am Fiona, I am the Ai of Xi-1000y-Q. We have managed to extract oxygen from metamorphic rock using a black light reacting substance and a top secret transcending atmosphere process. Carabonate and silicate minerals, are filtered through Xi - the compound of plastic and rock. Xi - is the amount of oxygen we extract per minute through the process. Through Xi-1000y-Q it is possible to continue to inhabit the planet Earth. Through a cooperation with the Transnational Foundation we can offer you a daily use 24 hours a day of our Xi-1000y-Q for the price of 300 oq. My name is Fiona and I thank you for your attention. If you have any further questions, please contact the staff Ai or people on site. Thank you." - Fiona ( AI - Xi-1000y-Q)

Xi-1000y-Q, is a gloomy vision of the future that moves in the sci-fi genre. In the future, people have to be regularly ventilated, since the disasters and environmental events of the time have made the world uninhabitable for humans and beings that need oxygen. However, the very people who could not afford to emigrate to Mars have remained on Earth and are being kept alive artificially by a large Tec company of the future. kept alive artificially by a kept alive.



Installation mit Performance Solo Show Schweinerei

Schweinerei is the title of the exhibition in which I have dealt with factory farming in Germany, it is about the inconceivable animal suffering and the impact of factory farming on climate change. In the exhibition there is, among other things, a sculptural work:
Year of creation: 2022
Material: plaster, metal, meat,
latex, parcel tape, glass, light box
120 x 120 x 80 cm
and a walk-in room concept made of 4 metal cubes, straw, microphones, boxes, a metal object- with integrated beamer over which a 1 channel video work runs. In this, a person with a black suit and a rabbit mask is to be seen, which stuffs greedily fast food into itself and must throw up thereby regularly. The title of the work is: Schweinerei. 

The work is activated by a vocal performance. The performance went daily 90 min. At least four people perform at the same time. They alternate in a seven-minute cycle. each other. When there is a break in the singing breaks, the performers performers retreat into a space I have built I built, in which the costumes are also located. The room is is illuminated with red light. In two old farm chairs and glass glass bottles in which there is water. is in it.

Touch me


saskia homevisits TV 1.00_05_06_03.Standbild008
saskia homevisits TV 1.00_04_41_17.Standbild007

Touch me! consists of several parts. A total of 3.
Touch me! It's a shame! is a live performance in a living room setting. Touch me! Stop it! is a choreographic live performance and Touch me!Calm down! is a live performance in which a pink sculpture with integrated sound is carried to the grave on a stretcher.

Touch Me! It's a shame, is a performative work from the Winter Rundgang 2022.
During the performance, the living room setup was streamed live on Youtube and on a large screen, on the second floor of the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. The work Touch me! deals with sexual assaults on women in private spaces, which had drastically increased in times of Corona. All of the performers involved have experienced such violence. In the work, the performers let out their feelings without using words. An automatic consensus that naturally emerged was crying and screaming. The performance became an important interpersonal element that intensified the relationship with each other without knowing each other better. Because the subject is so explosive, the performers wish to remain anonymous. In case of a renewed exhibition/performance, the video documentation would be shown.

"Touch me! Stop it!" is a live performance that deals with the topic of "catcalling", physical assaults and sexual violence of men on female read persons in public spaces. Spoken text from the video recording of the live performance: „When I cross the street it happens to me again and again. I‘m judged
for my appearance. I am female. I‘m a woman.
I ask myself what is going through the minds of the predominantly male
people who judge me when they press their opinions on me or other
woman in public spaces. I am rated. „Hey sweetheart, can I have your
number?“ Or a whistle.
„Oh you‘re so hot, I‘m fucking you.“
Says the man in the train. You wanna
fuck me? Fuck you! Stop it! „You bitch!
Go die!“ He shouts before he gets out because I‘m staring spellbound
out of the window. I try to ignore it but everyone is looking at me. I didn‘t
even really dress up. I look how I look now. What do men think when
they see a woman? Is it:
touch me! please touch me.
Once I was touched by an elderly man. He touched my thigh when I
was riding the bus home from school back then.
„Touch me! touch me, please!!“ What the fuck! Women don‘t want to
be touched and women have a will of their own. Ask a woman, ask a
transwoman, ask a transman..., they‘ve all experienced it before. It
doesn‘t matter whether society sees them as ugly or beautiful, outside
evaluation doesn‘t care. It affects everyone, fat, thin and women of all
skin colors. It is not a compliment when a man whistles at a woman, it
is intrusive and reduces the woman to her outward appearance. Once
upon a time, two guys said I was ugly just because I looked different.
They said it casually. Many people stood near me.
It was embarrassing for me. I felt ashamed of myself, thought I was
ugly. That has to stop!
My hair is too short for men - I don‘t care.
Men like my makeup - I don‘t care! My skirt is sexy - I don‘t care. What
gives you the right to judge me? I‘m not doing this for you! I am the way
I please myself. Touch me! Touch me! Please touch me! Stop it!“

Who should I cosplay?


identity verspiegelter raum mit performance

Sculptural space concept - 3 channel video with sound - LED TVs/ latex/ wood/ metal/ rigips/ silicone/ wigs/
Costumes/ Make-up/ PVC
"Who should I cosplay?" 2021 is a mirrored cube that is painted white on the inside, plastered and tiled
is. Inside and outside the installation are televisions on which self-created videos by
Saskia Tamara Kaiser are played. The videos in the interior area show tutorials in which the performer
Mira Posingies is made up and has her hair done. The TV outside shows the Creator mode of Sims 4.
The sound was created by Saskia Tamara Kaiser from 20-second sound fragments from YouTube tutorials of
beauty youtubers around the world.



Global health ist ein von Zukunftsforscher*innen @IDUNAXO entwickeltes physiological and psychological concept, dass Fortschritt und Wachstum nach clean-tech-standards mit self-realization und personal empowerment verbindet. Together with our partners, we are conveying a future in which lasting youth and a lean
and agile constitution are no longer barred behind an analogue paywall. Das progressive-self moderner Menschen braucht heute mehr denn je Zeit und Ruhe um global sustainability mit personal growth gemeinsam zu denken und zu leben.

IDUNAXO is a conceptual work, developed jointly by Carl Brandi and Saskia Tamara Kaiser.
developed together. The work deals with the effects of the beauty industry on our psyche. Carl Brandi and Saskia Tamara Kaiser share a love for
a love for role-playing and sci-fi. They founded the fictional company IDUNAXO,
which uses plants to absorb human life energy to create water that keeps us forever young. At their joint exhibition at Offspace: Oberbilkerallee 57 in Düsseldorf, they invite visitors to a Virtual Career Partner Venue, where they promise a treatment that keeps you young forever. For this purpose, visitors have to fill out an anamnesis form.
Concept: Carl Brandi and Saskia Tamara Kaiser
Video work: Saskia Tamara Kaiser
Interior design: Saskia Tamara Kaiser
Texts: Carl Brandi
Design: Saskia Tamara Kaiser
Costumes: Saskia Tamara Kaiser